Your back and spinal cord is important because it is solely responsible for your brain and your body to communicate with each other. The spinal cord is the pathway for impulses from the body to the brain, and from the brain to the body.

Your back supports and protects your spinal chord, which is why we must keep it healthy at all times – without it, we would just collapse to the ground.

However, due to our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, we are at risk of serious back injuries which can be pretty painful. Luckily for you, we have a few exercises which will improve the condition of your back so you can avoid potential health problems.

Exercises for adjusting your back

Sitting in the office chair all day long is a serious problem which can cause pain that extends to the joints, discs, bones and muscles. Watch the video below made by yoga teacher Vytas Baskaustas to learn a few simple 2-minute exercises which will improve the condition of your back and prevent back pain.

You will only need a floor mat and a strap or towel. While exercising, pay special attention to your breathing – how you breathe is very important to release all the tension in your back. Once you try the exercises, you will feel much better immediately.

Continue performing them every day to get rid of the pain and improve the condition of your back.

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