Vladimir Petrovich Filatov is a well-known doctor who came from Russia. He specialized in people who had problems with their eyes and eventually came up with a natural recipe that helped restore their vision. Here’s the recipe.


Take this mixture 30 minutes before eating your meals.

Aloe Vera juice has other benefits for people who sufferer from:

  • Issues with the Gastrointestinal tract
  • Female reproductive organ inflammation
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Kidney disease

When to Contact a Medical Professional

Seek emergency care from a health care provider who is experienced in dealing with eye emergencies if:

  • You experience partial or complete blindness in one or both eyes, even if it is only temporary.
  • You experience double vision, even if it is temporary.
  • You have a sensation of a shade being pulled over your eyes or a curtain being drawn from the side, above, or below.
  • Blind spots, halos around lights, or areas of distorted vision appear suddenly.
  • You have sudden blurred vision with eye pain, especially if the eye is also red. A red, painful eye with blurred vision is a medical emergency.

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Source: www.healthyfoodstar.com